My Fitness Journey

Hi everyone & welcome to fit with el :)

On this blog I will share with you my biggest inspirations and motivations as well as fitness exercises, meal ideas and everything else Heath and fitness related.

I'll start today by sharing with you my 'transformation' and story.

In 2012 I was approximately 62kg, a normal weight for a female my age, but far from healthy or happy. I consistently felt sluggish, with no energy, no motivation and I was always falling ill with any type of bug. I would spend hours upon days in the gym, with little to no real results wondering WHY is this not working for me!

It wasn't until I managed to get my diet under control that I started to see results and progress with my body and health. 

My diet is still something that I struggle with today, but I'm more educated now on what works for my body, what doesn't, and how much I can indulge.

My biggest problem was sweets! Chocolate, cake, muffins, soft drink and so on! After significantly reducing my sugar intake I noticed a total change in my body. Not only my physical appearance and muscle tone was improving, but I was no longer crashing and burning out with little energy only hours after getting out of bed.

I also made the switch from white foods to brown, swapping simple things like white bread for wholemeal which also had a huge impact on my progress and the way I felt day to day. I found this really helped me with my bloating problems as well.

My key point here is, it's true what they say, YOU CANT OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET. Trust me, I've tried.