Crunching Correctly!

Are you doing your crunches correctly?

The straight crunch is such a simple yet effective core exercise, when done correctly.
Follow these key 3 points to help you with correct technique.

1. Keep your hands and elbows out of sight, but not grasping the back of your head. Holding your head from the back will cause neck strain, whole holding your elbows too far forward of your face will allow you to use momentum in order to pull yourself up rather than your core strength. Try keeping your arms at a neutral ear position like mine in this photo.

2. With this type of crunch you don't need to sit up the whole way. Only lift your torso until the bottom of your shoulder blades have just left the ground, then pause and contract.

3. Drive your heels into the floor for stability. If you lack core strength this will often help you lift yourself up.

Happy crunching! ✌️😉