Ultra sweet RAW choc balls!

Now I'm not usually very good when it comes to baking or anything at all tasting good. But one day I came home from work and was craving something super sweet, so I threw some ingredients in the food processor and who would've thought, it came out delicious!!

The great thing about this recipe too is that it takes no time at all, and you don't have to be spot on with the measurements! You can change it however you like to get the texture you prefer.
Also add any other type of nuts that you like!

- 200g pitted dates (no added sugar)
- 100g almonds
- 100g raw cacao powder
- 1tbs chia seeds
- 2tbs rice malt syrup

Wazz it all up in the food processor and roll into balls, coat with shredded coconut and you're done!
Enjoy! x