Me, My Training & My Food!

As the title suggests, this post is all about me and the way I live. I'm asked everyday about my training, what exercises I do, what I eat, do I eat sweets and what supplements I use... So I decided to tell you about it!

My philosophy on life is to live and LOVE a balanced lifestyle that lets you have the best of both worlds. Which is exactly what I do. I consider myself to be healthy because I look after myself, I look after my body (I eat good meals and i workout to keep myself in shape) AND I look after my mind. 

When I say I look after my mind, I mean I allow myself to have that balance I keep talking about by... YES, having sweets when I feel like it, going out for dinner and having a few drinks. Why? Because it makes me feel good, on both the inside and outside! Now, I don't mean that having chocolate everyday with burgers and vodka or wine every night is a good idea, I mean having these things in MODERATION is a good idea. 
For me, I have a cheeky treat maybe 2 or 3 times a week, because it works for me and my body. I know that it won't ruin my progress, it might make me bloated like crazy for a day or so, but after that I'll be back on track. It's all about finding the balance that works for YOU! 

The bottom line is, don't try and force yourself to live a life that you don't enjoy. 

Everything starts with nutrition. Without it, we wouldn't be who we are. Our bodies wouldn't grow, our systems wouldn't function and we wouldn't have the energy to move ourselves. So, nutrition is the key to get right. It's not rocket science, although it may seem to be. There are so many misconceptions about what is 'healthy eating' these days and it differs for everyone.
For me, healthy eating means having meals that contain nutritious and powerful foods while limiting the amount of refined sugar and saturated fat that I consume.

My diet consists of all food groups, there is nothing that is completely out of bounds for me, only things that I limit myself to small amounts. When eating carbohydrates, I try to go for the wholegrain form where possible, and with cheeses and dairy, I choose the low fat options with no added sugar. One thing I can say to you is don't be fooled by product packaging. Learn to read nutritional labels! A product on a shelf might scream at you LOW FAT, GUILT FREE, but generally these products are packed with sugars and sodium to over compensate what they have been stripped of.

Here is a rundown of what one days meals look like for me. 
NOTE: this is based on my goals and my personal preferences, this is in no way specific professional nutritional advice and is simply examples of what I eat for the way that my body works.

Breakfast: is usually oats or muesli with Greek yoghurt and maybe some berries if I have them. I always use Chobani no fat plain Greek yoghurt, it's great! And my favourite muesli is Carmans - low sugar and tastes amazing! On rest days/non training days I will usually lower my carbohydrate intake, by having eggs for breakfast instead of oats or muesli.

Lunch: is usually either a chicken salad packed with spinach, tomatoes, capsicum, feta and walnuts or roasted vegetables with quinoa/brown rice and chicken or lamb.

Dinner: is usually plain old meat and veg, in different ways! Beef salads are a hot choice for me, similiar to my lunch. I also love stirfry's with any green veg and healthy variations to dishes like chow mein.

Snacks: I generally have 1 or 2 snacks in the mid morning, 1 on a non training day and 2 on training days because I have brekky so early before I hit the gym. Also I have another snack mid afternoon.
My snack options are usually fruit and nuts, a quest bar or some form of protein muffin, banana or carrot cake that I make myself.  Check previous posts for recipes :)

Supplements. I love them! I take protein and I have since I began training seriously. I take a good quality form of whey protein immediately after each training session purely for muscle recovery and tone. It's great for people who want to recover well and also helps with muscle growth and definition.

Training. The thing I love most. The gym is my release, my ease to stress and believe it or not, my happy place. I love the feeling I get during and after a workout, and I love the fact that I'm doing my body a world of good.

My training style is predominantly heavy resistance training, with very little cardio. I lift weights 6 days a week early in the morning and sometimes will add cardio intervals or a HIIT routine to one of these sessions. Weight training is great. It burns high calories, increases the metabolic rate, strengthens muscle and bone and ofcourse builds lean muscle. I say it all the time, weights won't make you bulky unless you want them to. So don't be afraid to jump into a few resistance training sessions.

I currently split my training per body part per day with one full rest day. Here's a run down of what my week generally looks like with a couple of examples of exercises I would do in each session:

- Tuesday = Legs
Barbell squats, stiff leg Deadlifts, donkey kicks, leg press.

- Wednesday = Back/arms
Seated row, lat pull down, one arm row, reverse flye, scapula push ups, tricep dips.

- Thursday = Core
V sits, planks, side bends, leg raises, TRX hikes.

- Friday = Chest
Dumbbell chest press, cable crossover, push ups, chest press.

- Saturday = Legs
Sumo squats, squat press, Glute kick backs, lunges, Glute bridges.

- Sunday = Back/arms
Face pulls, one arm resistance band rows, back extensions, bicep curls.

With all of these exercises I keep my reps high (10-15) and my sets range from 4-5 depending on the exercise.
It's important to remember this type of training is for my goals and might not be suitable for everyone. If you're just starting out or newer to these exercises, start with low reps (6-8) and 2-3 sets.

Remember to check my other blog posts for explanations of these exercises, workouts and recipes! x