Squat Technique!

We're all doing them. But are you doing them right? Are you getting as many benefits as possible with correct technique?
Read below to find out!

- Keep a neutral spine! The safety of your back should be your number one priority.
Avoid a major curve in the spine as you lower into the squat. Keep your chest up and shoulders down.

- Keep your knees inline with your middle toes. Dont let your knees track inwards or outwards as you go through the movement.

- Push through your heels. Use your feet as the driving point, it will take pressure off your knees and further activate the glutes.

- Squeeze your glutes as you stand up from the squat. Engage engage engage!!!

- Only move to your range of motion! No, your buns don't have to hit the floor! Not everyones movement is the same, so only lower to where feels comfortable. Stop if you feel excess strain on your knees or back. Your range of motion will gradually improve over time.