20 Minute Abs!

Work your way to a strong core with this 20 minute workout just a few times a week!

If you want to turn this into a full body HIIT session, add some sprints, skipping or jumping leg exercises between every set!

It's important to note that these exercises may not be suitable for everyone, so if you have any injuries or concern remember to see your doctor before any physical activity.

As with all abdominal exercises, remember to contract and engage your core during all exercises for ultimate results :) 

Make sure you rest for at least 40 seconds between every exercise.

1. Bicycles.
30 reps.
Alternate from side to side, kicking one leg out straight as you go, contracting the core.

2. Plank & Variation
Hold for as long as you can in the regular plank position. If you'd like a challenge, lift one leg. This will increase difficulty significantly.

3. Reverse Crunches
12 reps
Start on your back, then hike the hips towards the torso, pause for 2 seconds and then lower.

4. Full Sit Throughs
12 reps
Start on your back, sit all the way up and bring your hands to your toes between your legs.
Avoid using your arms as momentum, instead use your core to lift yourself.

5. Superman
30 reps
Begin on all fours. Lift opposite arms and legs simultaneously, pause and hold momentarily while engaging the core, then repeat for the other side.

6. Vertical Toe Touches
12 reps
Begin on your back. Lift yourself using your core and aim to touch the toes. Keep the legs as stable as possible.

Repeat the circuit again, and for a 3rd time if you have time!

Enjoy x