10 Tips To Inspire & Re-Motivate Yourself!

Each and everyday a lot of us wake up and begin our day with the exact routine that we did the day before (me included). We'll go through the day in a robotic manner, doing the same things, at the same time, for the same result. We're so 'busy' that we completely forget to stop, pause, and enjoy each day. Everything feel's lacklustre, like we're on autopilot.

Oh, the things I would give to just be 'bored' again. Think back to your childhood and teen years, how often did you sit there and think 'Ugh I'm so bored, I need something to do!' or whine to your parents that there was nothing good on television. Nowadays, there's always something to be cleaned, work to be finished, places to be and bills to be paid. You get to the end of the weekend and think, woah, where did the time go?

How would you feel if I told you we could change all of that? By igniting our spirit and with a little bit of mindfulness. Below are my top 10 tips for turning off auto pilot and to inspire a more fulfilling life.

1. Make a list. Write down the top 5 things you would love to do this month. They don't have to be huge things, make sure they're achievable. It could be things like, get to the beach for a swim, or try a particular new cafĂ© for lunch.

2Schedule them.  Take the top 5 things you wanted to this month and clear out the time in your diary for them. Schedule time for YOU. Make them happen.

3. Ask yourself the serious question. Am I truly happy? If the answer is no, begin to brainstorm  whatever it is that's holding you back and make small changes to remove or work around those obstacles.

4Move your body outside. Ride your bike to work one day if you can, try a different sport or take your dog for a walk through the park. Get outside in the fresh air, away from the cooking, cleaning and clutter in your mind. Re energise yourself with physical activity and experience new surroundings.

5. Take a different route to work. If you cant walk, or run, or ride your bike to work each day, just drive a different way. It might take you 5 minutes longer, but that's 5 extra minutes you have to yourself.

6Do at least 1 thing everyday that you love. Whatever it might be. Surfing, chatting to your bestie on the phone, having a coffee or reading your favourite book. We have to do things everyday that we don't entirely want to, but for the fact they need to be done we do them. So, why not make sure you do something for yourself each day too?

7Don't sweat the small stuff. The less you worry about the little things, the more time you have to focus on the important things.

8Take breaks from social media. I know, FOMO is the worst! (Fear Of Missing Out..). But seriously, does your friends status update about what she had for lunch really change your life? Pick up the phone or get in the car and catch up with people in person. Or even better, leave your mobile phone in another room while you eat dinner. Spend time enjoying small moments without distractions.

9. Think happy thoughts. Aint nobody got time for negativity. Literally! A negative attitude leads to stress and worry. Stress and worry leads to fatigue, illness and unhappiness. Try to have a more optimistic & positive outlook on life. In any situation you deem annoying, infuriating, saddening or negative, find a positive. There's always one. Yes, your car may have broken down in the rain but at least you actually have a car and you live in a country where you can enjoy the fresh smell of rain. After all, each day is only as great as you make it.

10. Challenge yourself. Take risks, try something new, go outside your comfort zone! Hate sushi? Try it again! The easiest way to learn and grow is to keep yourself on your toes.

El x