My Top 5 Healthy Snacks!

Snacking is what lets most of us down. Whether its because our tummies are growling or we're looking for food out of boredom, it's usually snacking on unhealthy food that hurts.
So, I'll make this short and sharp and get straight into it.

Here are my top 5 healthy snacks including the brands that I love. All of these things are available from major supermarkets.

1. Peanut butter on Rice or Corn Cakes.

I like to use different types of Mayvers spreads, on 2 wholegrain rice cakes.

2. Smoothies

I like to use frozen mixed berries, frozen banana, spinach leaves and zucchini with coconut milk!

3. Greek Yoghurt & Oats or Muesli

My favourites are Chobani Greek, and Carmans Clusters varieties.

4. Protein Bars - The Bar Counter or Bounce Balls

These two brands are my fave!

5. Mixed Nuts & Veggies

Use zip lock bags to take just enough. I like a handful of mixed almonds and cashews, and a big handful of chopped carrots.

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