When You're Trying Hard But Not Seeing Results...

You're probably reading this because you're starting to get a little bit frustrated with your lack of results, right? Or, you're just interested to see if you're on the right track. Either way, I hope this helps you!

If I had to guess, I'd say you've been eating well, working out, thinking you're doing all the right things... but the KG's just don't seem to be shifting and you feel like you're not making any real progress. 

Firstly, let's address 'eating well'. You probably think you're eating healthy, and you might be! But, if you're really struggling to see results quite often the biggest thing is the foods you're eating, not eating enough or eating too much. It's SO easy to be fooled in a grocery store about what's good for you and whats not. 

So, STEP #1: Take a deeper look at what you're eating,

A.) Are you eating primarily from packets? Majority of the time, packet foods are packed with crap you don't need. Excess sugar, sodium and unwanted chemicals. Go FRESH! Stick to the outside isles of the supermarket to avoid being tempted by all the packeted (and well marketed) goodies on the inner aisles! OR, go one even better and shop from your local farmers markets, green grocers or butchers.

B.) Are you reading nutrition labels? You need to know whats in your food! See a mile long list of ingredients that sounds a bit like a science experiment? Put that shiz back on the shelf! First ingredient sugar? Chuck it! If you are buying foods from a packet (because lets be honest, sometimes its convenient), just be smart about what you're putting in your basket. Check out my other blog post about nutrition labels here.

C. Are you avoiding fats? Its not always true that fat makes you fat. Ok yes in high quantities fats can cause health issues. But as a general rule some fats are your friend!! Our bodies actually need them (just not the TRANS FATS - that's the super bad one). A good dose of healthy fats everyday goes a long way in reducing cholesterol, strengthen your immune system & metabolism and keep your skin healthy! So stock up on things like nuts, seeds, avocado and coconut oil! I try to have a small amount of fats with every meal.

STEP #2: Carry a bigger drink bottle.

Water water water. Whenever a client says to me "the weight just isn't coming off!", I respond with.... "are you drinking enough water?". A dehydrated body is an unhappy body! This one doesn't need much explaining, we should all know that water is a necessity. So up the h20 and allow your body to function at it's best! I aim for 2 litres or more everyday. MY TIP - start your day with a cold glass of water right as you jump out bed to boost your metabolism!

STEP 3#: Make sure you're getting sweaty!

Are you training hard enough? Seriously.. are you? If your goal is fast weight loss then unfortunately just a few low intensity walks throughout the week isn't really going to cut it. You have to WORK for it! Lift that heart rate, pick up some heavy weights, challenge yourself! If you're going to the gym 4 or 5 days a week but you're walking out every time thinking you're not that worn out & you could've done more... then you have your answer. Step it up! I believe a balance of weight and resistance training with high & low intensity cardio is the best.

Lastly.. Maybe you just haven't given it enough time.

Everyone is different. We're all going to get results at different speeds. We all function in such different ways, so don't be discouraged. If you are doing all of the right things and working your butt off... don't stop! Just know that you're not the only one. It wont happen overnight, it's about forming new habits and developing a healthy routine. Eventually, your body will reward you. Whether its 2 weeks, 2 months or a year, learn to love the process and the way you feel on the INSIDE first.

And finally... yes, it is possible that there are other contributing factors that may be hindering your weight loss such as hormonal imbalances. BUT, dont go googling these type of things and using them as an excuse. If you are doing everything you can to see results and you are concerned that there may be another factor, go and see your doctor.

You've got this! x