Sugar Free Snacks!

It's SO hard to find a good & yummy snack that's fast and isn't loaded with sugar.. right!? Well... when you have a sweet tooth! I've put together a list of my favourite snacks that are refined sugar free and healthy!

1. Wholegrain Rice Cakes!

Load them up with your favourite topping like nut butters, honey, avocado, tomato or cottage cheese!

2. Fruit & Veg!

Such an easy one. Try making cut up produce more exciting though, spread a tiny bit of almond butter over a few slices of Apple or banana - DELICIOUS!

3. Smoothies!

Be creative. Try mixing different fruits and veggies with things like almond milk, coconut milk, coconut water, chia seeds and ginger. My personal favourite is frozen mango, banana, zuchinni, fresh ginger and almond milk!

4. Boiled Eggs!

Seriously though... if you like the taste of eggs these are such a great snack full of protein. Even try spreading a little bit of avocado over them with some salt.

5. Greek Yoghurt & berries or nuts!

Unsweetened greek yoghurt is a a great snack to have on the go. Try mashing up some fresh raspberries and mixing them through, or add some almonds and seeds.

6. Popcorn!

The brand Cobs is great, just plain popcorn with a little salt!

7. Protein Shakes!

If you have protein powder at home, this can be a quick and easy snack idea!

8. Home Made Healthy Treats!

Here are some links to what I like to make at home from raw balls to choc slice and muffuns!:


9. NICEcream!

Try putting some frozen banana's into a blender with just a tiny bit of almond milk. TA-DAA!! You have nicecream :) Add a little bit of natural honey for extra sweetness.

10. Veggie chips!

There are some great brands out there that make healthy veggie chips without any added sugars or oils. Check your supermarket health food aisle. My favourite are beetroot chips or sweet potato!