Full Body Fitness Guide!

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Full Body Fitness Guide!


My 4 week Full Body Fitness Guide is a brilliant kickstarter into a healthy & challenging fitness routine. This 28 day e-book will take you through a series of weekly workouts to help sculpt and tone your entire body by burning body fat & building muscle.

This guide can be used from home or the gym. All workouts are structured using a range of different training methods including light weight resistance training, high intensity interval training and also cardio.

The use of some equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells and steps are required in these workouts, however all sessions and exercises can be modified to bodyweight versions if you do not have access to any equipment. This guide also gives you some basic substitutions of things you can use at home instead of equipment such as dumbbells.

This workout guide is designed for those at any fitness level, however absolute beginners are recommended to develop a basic fitness level prior to beginning. The workouts in this guide progress in difficulty every week.

Also included:

  • 60+ different exercises targeting your whole body
  • New workouts every week for 4 weeks
  • Exercise library with descriptions and images
  • My top tips for eating healthy
  • Basic meal suggestions
  • My top tips for fat loss 
  • Stretching suggestions & images 

Please note this purchase is a digital file only and will be emailed after purchase. The download link will expire 24 hours after purchase, so remember to save the document to your computer or phone.

PLEASE NOTE this guide does not include a detailed nutritional plan.

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