About Fit With El


My name is Elliott, but you can call me El! I’m 32, from the western suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia and now living on the NSW Central Coast.

I am a qualified Personal Trainer with over 9 years experience working in the industry. I have completed a Certificate III & IV in Fitness, as well as studied Nutritional Coaching and Pre + Post Natal Exercise.

My goal is to motivate and inspire women (YOU!) to live a healthier, more active lifestyle in a realistic and sustainable way. After realising how much of an impact physical activity and healthier habits could have on my own life, I found my passion and decided to commit myself to helping others feel great too. So, I created ‘Fit With El Personal Training’.

My message is simple, work towards living a life that’s fulfilling and allows you to perform to the absolute best of your ability, without being restrictive. I believe this is achieved through a variety of healthy habits and more importantly a balanced lifestyle.

I can help with you Personal Training & Fitness Coaching online, no matter where you are in the world!

Contact me for personalised online workout programs, fitness coaching and online video personal training sessions.

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